[About Hershey Valve]

Hershey Valve Co.,Ltd. was established in 1980 and has been manufacturing various thermoplastic valves and UPVC/CPVC piping systems for almost 30 years.

To remain committed producing the highest quality products and providing the best services that far exceed customers’ expectations, Hershey obtains an excellent reputation from its global clients as well as several international certifying and approval organizations such as NSF®, LPCB®, WRAS®, and UL®. Hershey’s strengths lay on its design capability, product quality, manufacturing efficiency, competitive price, wide range product offerings, and responsive customer services.

If you are interested in Hershey’s products, please feel free to contact our sales reps at call us in Taiwan at +886-4-2659-5377 ext 555 or 556.

[ Group Vision ]

  • Hershey Valve will be the leader in Asia Pacific for plastic engineering piping system in industry, plumbing and fire fighting area.
  • Hershey Group will be the representative of CPVC manufacturing and products in Asia Pacific.
  • Hershey Group will work with partners to provide complete engineering system for Asia Pacific customers.

[ Hershey Valve company history ]

1980 Hershey Valve Co. Ltd. was found in Chingshui, Taichung, Taiwan.
1982 Moved to Kwanlien industrial District, Wuchi, Taichung, Taiwan.
1982 Overseas marketing department was set up to promote export business.
1984 Export business expanded to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and other advanced countries.
1988 USA and Canada became the major export markets.
1990 Japan became the most important export country in Asia.
1993 Korean market was developed.
1995 Responding to the market demands, Taiwan domestic sales department was set up to develop Taiwanese markets.
1996 Taiwan factory was awarded SGS® ISO 9002 certification.
1996 Valve products were approved by NSF® International.
1997 Shanghai factory was awarded SGS® ISO 9002 certification.
1997 Began manufacturing SCH40/80 UPVC, SCH40/80 Corzan® CPVC and SDR 13.5 BlazeMaster® CPVC piping systems in Taiwan Wuchi No. 2 factory.
1998 USA Lubrizol (BF Goodrich) authorized Hershey Valves as the exclusive licensee of FlowGuard® CPVC piping system.
1998 SCH40 FlowGuard® CPVC hot water distribution system and SCH40 clear PVC piping system came on line.
1999 BlazeMaster® CPVC fire sprinkler system was certificated by LPCB ®(UK).
1999 Hershey Valve Taiwan was awarded LPCB® ISO 9002.
1999 BlazeMaster® CPVC fire sprinkler system was approved by National Fire Administration Ministry of Interior in Taiwan.
2001 Hershey Taichang factory was established in China.
2003 BlazeMaster® CPVC material obtained WRAS approval.
2004 CORZAN® 4910 CPVC sheet obtained FM approval.
2005 Hershey BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler fittings were listed by UL® (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.).
2006 Hershey Taiwan factories were consolidated and moved to Taichung Chungkang Export Processing Zone and it serves as Hershey Group Global Headquarters.
2011 Hershey discontiunes to have FM 4910 Certification effective from January 1st of 2011.

No.16,Jing 2nd Road, Chungkang Export Processing Zone, Wuchi Township, Taichung County 435, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL :886-4-2659-5377 FAX : 886-4-2659-5288